Real Consultant/Agent Program


Real Consultant/Agent Program (Verify and source good agents)

A local ACTIVE agent is an effective way to achieve your strategic aims within a given market. Many successful recruiters of international students use this approach. We can help you build a network as well make it a productive one.
PEG-Asia offers a range of cost-effective options to secure a productive base of agents that are passionate about your programs. We can help with development of a productive agent network in Taiwan and Japan. 

Below are a sample list of services we can provide (inquire for full services offered) using :

  1. · One year agent verification and search (Yearly fee from US$800). PEG will verify your agents in our service area (Japan and Taiwan) meet local standards as well as yours. PEG will also be a matchmaker when we see agents that have matching interests and goals. We will offer market insight as well as advice on make current agents more productive.
  2. Agent/ Consultant workshops. We schedule 3 to 4 workshops in major cities in our service area. We offer low cost options to meet agents as presentations if you do not attend. Click here for schedule of events and details.
  3. Agent office tours. Save time (and money) let us schedule agents visits with agents that meet your interests.

US$695 per year (base rate, some services require extra fee)